[Scribus] Form error

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Mon Mar 10 21:08:05 CET 2008

Ronald Wiplinger wrote:

Hi Ronald,

> I tried to use the sample form in pdf, 

I guess, _the_ sample form is the one mentioned here:

Am I right?

but Adobe Reader responded:

Responded to which action?

> Cannot handle content type: text/html

You probably tried to submit the form from the standalone Adobe Reader,
instead of Firefox with Adobe Reader plug-in. Try to open the form with

Explanation: The PDF was made quite a couple of years ago, at that time
submitting of PDF forms was only possible from within a web browser with
the Acrobat Reader plug-in.

I have been told recently that submitting of PDF forms worked with the
new versions of standalone Adobe Reader too, but this has to be
confirmed by somebody whose knowledge on PDF forms is more recent than

> I am using Ubuntu 7.10 on AMD64 and Scribus

> What do I need to change?

Please try to deliver more details next time.


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