[Scribus] Story Editor Tab Stops

Roger hovergo
Mon Mar 10 03:45:09 CET 2008

Frequently I edit within a text box. While cumbersome it is the best way for me 
to lay out segmented information such as:
day, date, Title of event, time, where, who's running it. with tabs between each 
For example: Sun9 'The Way it Was'7:30 pmAlbertonJames the file generated from a 
spread sheet into a comma delimited csv file then the commas removed. I tried 
tab delimited but the text box couldn't handle the 8 character spacings in lines 
where part of the entry is missing.
If I have spaces between each Sun 9  'The Way it Was' 7:30 pm Alberton James it 
is too difficult to get the text box tabs in the correct place on the ruler 
because spaces seem to take a differing amount of line space on each line.

I  insert from text which has no tabs or spaces between each section and set the 
tabs by double clicking in the text box to make the ruler go blue, then set tab 
It is very laborious but works by selecting the start of the item to be tabbed 
then clicking on the tab stop each in succession along each line

Heres the rub.
The tabs do not work for every line only for a couple then I have to set new 
tabs for the next couple of lines.

My questions.
With tab delimited text entries taken from a csv text file, why don't the tab 
stops in the text box pick up the tab inserts and move each text item accordingly?
Can they be made to do so?
Could tab stops be set up in the style editor in version 1.3.5
Can the text box tab stops be made to work the same over the whole text box of 
inserted text regardless of the number of lines of text which in my case could 
be 20 lines plus.
Many thanks

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