[Scribus] Comment about object tag names and xml file format

JLuc jluc
Tue Mar 4 10:18:20 CET 2008

avox a ?crit :
> So what do you think of this changes to Scribus:
> 1) Allow content of textframes to be stored in external files (or in remote
> database)

It is very interesting an advanced feature.

However, basic features bugs should be fixed first
like the bugs on linked text frame selection and editing
i mentionned earlier.

Remember : Linux was once "for geeks only",
with lots of geeks advanced features
and no usability for basic use.

Thinks now have change for the best for linux...
& its the best that can happen to Scribus community.


> 2) Allow content of textframes to be arbitrary XML. Elements and attributes
> are preserved when you save changes from Scribus.

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