[Scribus] installing on Mac OS X 10.3.9

Jim Baker frstprin
Mon Mar 3 04:24:54 CET 2008

Scribus/Aqua installs fine and opens on my Titanium (G-4) PowerBook, 
and I followed the directions from the website to download and place 
Ghostscript into the Library:Frameworks folder. I tried two different 
versions of Ghostscript, the most recent one seems to crash Scribus as 
soon as I try to use tools.

Scribus actually opens but text boxes don't take text (or anything), 
though the story board does. The table tool seems to work, and some 
others. In the story board, only a default font is activated, no styles 
are possible, no text color, etc. In other words, text input is a font, 
but like a simple text editor.

Any suggestions?

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--Diana Rankin,
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