[Scribus] Comment about object tag names and xml file format

Timothy Boyden tboyden
Sun Mar 2 16:01:25 CET 2008

Hmmm, never got that reply... That's really cool. I've done a lot with XML
as a data source but have never really taken the opportunity to learn about
XSL. I'm starting to learn about it now because Kodak Prinergy uses it for
their e-mail templates and some other features.

>From what I've seen I think you could turn a Scribus document into a HTML
form with a XSL stylesheet and then submit the changes to a script that
could output a new Scribus document containing the changes. I've done that
to a certain extent with a PHP script that I've been playing with. The
schema definition will help as a documentation tool for the Scribus format,
that could allow me to build a PHP class for manipulation of Scribus

The XSL would also allow you to translate the Scribus doc to display it in a
web page, sort of a Scribus viewer plug-in for the web. The most efficent
way to do that most likely would be to create a schema that translate
Scribus objects to SVG objects. Then create a XSL to display the Scribus

The combination of these technologies of course could lead to a web-based
version of Scribus.

This is very exciting indeed!


On 3/2/08 4:14 AM, "Pierre Marchand" <capparis at free.fr> wrote:

> Vous avez ?crit?:
> Hi Timothy,
> I'm currently writing my diploma thesis
> about a print publishing
> solution with Scribus. So far I've created xsl
> stylesheets to create a
> Scribus document from DocBook XML and to syncronise
> the data between
> DocBook and Scribus (so far only in one direction).
> Furthermore I've
> created a XML Schema definition for the Scribus 1.3.5 file
> format to
> validate and test the stylesheets.
> Because I want to use Plone
> (Python based CMS), I've create a Python
> egg, that contains these
> stylesheets. You can download the egg in the
> python cheeseshop:
> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/docbook2sla/
> Last year I wrote a proposal for
> GSoC 2007 about my idea:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Draft_of_end-to-end_publishing_solution#U
> e_Case_.233_Publishing_Workflow_for_Magazine_Layout_.28Timo_Stollenwerk.29
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Draft_for_the_GSoC_Application_Abstract_%
> 8Timo_Stollenwerk%29
> If you're interested, I can send you an expos? I
> wrote about my ideas.
> I'm going to document my efforts on this
> website:
> http://scribus.zmag.de/
> Regards,
> timo

I think we?re a
> lot around to be very interested. If you can expose your ideas 
and how it
> works for a larger range of persons, I think you?ll be carefully 
listened (at
> least by me :-) ). For myself, I would be interested to know how 
far away
> from a stand-alone componment is this implementation.

> Marchand
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