[scribus] Regarding Scribus 1.3.4

Jeffrey Silverman jeffrey.d.silverman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 18:25:28 CEST 2008

Hi, Scribus people. So, it has been slightly over a year since 1.3.4
was released, and I still can find no other mentions of this release
anywhere. So I have some questions:

* Has development of 1.3.4 ceased?
* What are the plans for releasing 1.3.5 ?
* Why have all mentions of 1.3.4 ceased? I mean that, there was a news
release on May 28 2007 and that was it. Frankly, I like that release
better and it has been better for me overall than 1.3.3.X releases.

Anyway, any information about this stuff would be great! THANKS!

Jeff Silverman
jeffrey.d.silverman at gmail.com

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