[scribus] Trouble downloading Scribus

sabutin sabutin at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 26 22:03:13 CEST 2008

>Enzo wrote:
>>>  Most links, news and info pages on the official site link to the
>>>  version
>The best place to get the most recent downloads is on Sourceforge.  The
>files get posted there before the links on the official site are updated
>but that's hardly a big deal.  There's a link to this page at the top of
>the download page on scribus.net.
>This includes the source of version, so you should be able to
>get it running on Ubuntu.


Sourceforge has not worked for 3 days now.

I wrote:

>Lower on the page I am told "The binary is downloadable from
>SourceForge. For instance, release is available for
>download from Sourceforge." The only link offered goes to
>where at the top of the page I am told "You are downloading
>Scribus..." Which I am not.
>There is a link on the above page that says "Click here to download
>Scribus manually"  which leads to
>And a message that says  "Not Found
>The requested URL /sourceforge/scribus/ScribusAqua- was
>not found on this server."
>I have tried
>as well.
>seems to be working. It is downloading as I write this.
>Is there any problem with using Scribus v. on a Mac running
>OS X v.10.5.3? The latest Leopard update?
>Or...how can I find Scribus v.

Any other ideas?


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