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I miss my TRS-80 - Model I, III, & IV.

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I have two files, identical.  One saved by Gimp as a .tif.  One saved in 
Gimp as .jpg.  Otherwise, the same file.

This page was initially scanned at 600dpi in color (.tif) and converted 
to B&W in Scan-to-CAD.  Somehow in my weekend frustration, it is no 
longer 600dpi, but it matters not.  It still crashes Scribus 
1.3.something on a win2k machine and Scribus 1.3.4 on a Vista box.  I 
have not tried one of my Linux boxes, but I will when I get to work.

Is there a volunteer to allow me to append both files to an email and 
tell me why it's happening?

I can live with .jpg images, but all of the progs recommend .tif.

Since my trs-80, I have been wandering in this forest of knowledge, 
never quite knowing what I'm doing.  It's very satisfying when things go 
well, but ...............

TIA for the help.


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