[scribus] black vertical bar in image when reducing dpi

Michael Teichgräber mt at ib.wmipf.de
Wed Jun 11 17:59:04 CEST 2008

in PDFs that I have created using the `Maximum
Image Resolution' option (<100dpi) I realize thin
vertical bars of mostly black pixels at the
rightmost column of some images.

Without that option, or with higher dpi numbers,
the pixel column goes away.

Whether the original image is a jpg or a tiff,
or which compression method (lossy, zip, none)
is used for pdf creation seems not to matter, so
the black pixels likely get introduced during the
resizing process.

My images are quite big (2500pixels wide), so that
there is a reduction factor of around 12. Perhaps
this is too big.

I can see this on Debian Etch with both scribus and
scribus-ng (1.3.4dfsg-1), with xpdf, gv and Acrobat
(on Windows).

If it is helpful, I can provide a sample project
(1.5MB, for v1.3.4). A picture showing
how it looks like on screen can be found here (4KB):

If I remember right I have seen such an effect also
in an older Gimp version, or in a tool
like `convert'. It would be nice if someone
could point me to the module or library,
where the size reduction is done -- perhaps it is
a library scribus depends on that is not up to
date on Debian.


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