[scribus] PDF Problem

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Wed Jun 11 15:54:52 CEST 2008

Roger wrote

 > > >> > Is there, by chance, a tick in a box that has something to do
 > > >> > "placement on page" or "scale to fit" in the printer settings
 > > >> > you print to PDF?
 > > >> 
 > > >> Yes there is a scale to fit.
 > > >> This literally scales the document to 3/4 of a A4 page giving a
 > > >> mm margin on all sides.
 > > >> I think that it is taking the invisible Right and Bottom margins
 > > >> the distance to scale to, making the image smaller.
 > > 
 > > So is your problem solved?
 > > 
 > No! It remains.
 > As above. Huge unacceptable unalterable margins.
 > There's gotta be some way of fixing it.

In the Page Handling section of your print dialog (at least that's where
it is on my system) there is a drop-down selection list labeled Page
Scaling.  That is probably set to Fit to Printable Area or Shrink to
Printable Area.  Change it to None.  You should also untick the box
labeled Auto-Rotate and Center.

If you do that, it should print the way it was designed.  Note that if
you've put something on the document in an area in which the printer
cannot print, it won't print (duh).  That is, with most laser printers,
you cannot print right to the edge of the page, which is why these
printer settings exists.  Sometimes it's more important to get the whole
document printed inside the printer's margins rather than have
everything printed in a precise location and this allows for that.  If
documents are created with the printer's margins in mind, this is both
unnecessary and undesirable.

If with Page Scaling set to None and Auto-Rotate and Center de-selected
you still have your document printing with incorrect margins, then
that's not the problem but it isn't clear from your response whether
that's the case.


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