[scribus] Image resolution looks poor on high res images

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Jun 6 03:10:41 CEST 2008

Richard wrote:
> Right mouse button on the image and select under preview settings, high 
> resolution or full resolution.
> El 05/06/2008 01:28 p.m., David Sarnowski escribió:
>> Scribus folks, I need a hand.
>> I am creating a programme for an event that I have.  I am tryign to insert
>> several images.  I have added image frames and placed images in those
>> frames.  The images that I am using are 300 dpi .tiff.  These are very good
>> high resolution images, but when I insert them into the image frame they
>> look really pixelated.
>> Should I save the .tiffs into another format?
You cannot make the image higher resolution than it is by changing formats.
Look in the Image tab in Properties to see what final DPI your images 
are in Scribus -- hopefully 300 DPI or better. Ultimately, you can 
export to PDF and look at the PDF with Adobe Reader at high mag.


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