[scribus] biz card w photo background

mike wmichaeltrout at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 31 23:44:27 CEST 2008

guys, here is the card i'm trying to do for my friend in panama (my first scribus effort!) ... what i want to do is get the measurements right to print this on 4 x 6 (inch) photo stock (4 up, so cards would be 2" X 3" each)

that's what i hope to do, because 4 x 6 will cost me .19 cents each, as opposed to $1.49 each for 5 x 7 ... ya, i know 5 x 7 is a better size, but way more money!

how do i get there from here (step by tedious step)?  

i receive my scribus in once daily digest, so if anyone can help me please write to my address AND the list, if you don't mind, so that i'll receive in real time...

i've posted the card in the imagebin at:


thanks SO much in advance!

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