[scribus] mathematical equations

Gustavo Homem gustavo at angulosolido.pt
Wed Jul 30 17:51:01 CEST 2008

> In Scribus directly, its not possible. But you can do the following:
> - Create your equation in OpenOffice.
> - Right click on it and export it to MathML
> - Use JEuclid, a MathML implementation in Java, to convert the
> MathML-File into SVG, PostScript or whatever
> - Import that into scribus.

It's not so complicated. If you write the text on OpenOffice Writer and then 
export to HTML, the formulas get exported to gifs which can then be imported 
directly intro Scribus.


> OK, this way is a little bit elaborate, but it works. I used it several
> times for scientific posters.
> Best,
> Tom

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