[scribus] overprint black in Scribus

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins at mardigrafe.com
Tue Jul 29 17:57:08 CEST 2008

Teodor-Toma Silvestru Muntean a écrit :
> Hi folks! Somebody can tell me where is the option to enable 'overprint black' or 'over print fill' or just 'overprint' in Scribus, sorry for my english. I need to enable this because I have color background under text, the text when I export to pdf remain only in K (key . black with 100%) the back ground in in 4 color CMYK, but the text generate 'white hole' . So if you understand what is my prob. tell me please how can I enable or make somehow the OVERPRINT black (K). Sorry again for my english.


If you are using 1.3.3.x, there is no such option. The workaround is to 
create a black for your text that will contain the values of the 
background color as well. Be careful not to use this black for text 
without a background color.



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