[scribus] line spacing

Pierre Marchand capparis at free.fr
Mon Jul 28 16:54:03 CEST 2008

Vous (Craig Bradney) avez écrit :
> > Vous (Louis Desjardins) avez écrit :
> > > Your explanation is more than interesting and in fact you are right,
> > > the menu is misleading. Would you like to file a bug for this? Also,
> > > there should be a warning in the tooltip so users know what to expect
> > > and what not.
> >
> > I definitly prefer to fix the issue itself :)
> > I don’t know how I did manage to get this result again but I’ve sank
> into
> > refactoring properties palette rather than doing useful stuff related to
> > typography!
> 1.3.3.x also shows Insert Glyph. I do not believe we should change this,
> but rather fix/write the virtual font system we want, ie in 1.3.6.

It was what I’ve had in mind when was talking about fixing the issue and it 
does not need to wait so long, at least I hope :)
Fetching un-mapped glyphs with Freetype is very easy. The problem is rather 
when it will be output to PDF. My thought here would be to "virtually" map 
these glyphs in PUA (following a vendor scheme or developping our own, it has 
to be discussed) so when char2CMap is called we just output the index of the 
glyph in the font and it should be transparent for all other modules AFAICT. 
It’s weak when you share documents but it can work (I’ve coded something like 
that once, have to find the diff back :/ ).

Pierre Marchand

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