[scribus] paper sizes

mike wmichaeltrout at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 28 11:55:47 CEST 2008

there was a reference to A4 paper size in the snippet below, and it brought up the question to me: is there anywhere in scribus docs where paper sizes are cataloged?  i wouldn't know A4 from a hole in the ground or any of the other sizes either... in the us we just say 8 x 10, legal, magazine, tabloid, and broadsheet as far as i know the only size refs in common usage ... how do these descriptions compare with other world standards?



> I don't have 1.3.5svn but So I look forward to see bleed and
> crop in a coming normal version. But I cannot imagine how it is
> possible to have an image that runs of an A4 page, cutting marks on a
> pdf, when the pdf makes the paper size a little bigger than A4.
Scribus will let you do all sorts of things that don't necessarily make
"sense." It may warn you when the Preflight Verifier runs, but it can
let you do these things.
I think it's actually sensible to let you do your work on the final cut
size, than apply bleed later, thus giving you optimal control over where
trimming happens.

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