[scribus] line spacing

Pierre Marchand capparis at free.fr
Mon Jul 28 10:46:27 CEST 2008

Vous (Louis Desjardins) avez écrit :
> I assume you ask how to access those characters. Right?
> Insert > Glyph will pop up a dialog where you can pick any of the
> available glyphs for the font you are using.

Not exactly. I’ve just checked the english menu item and it is misleading, it 
should be labelled "Insert>Character" since Scribus inspects _only_ the 
Unicode characters map of the font to find glyphs. It means that you won’t be 
able to insert glyphs such as small caps, old style figures, etc. with fonts 
which have not register these  glyphs into PUA or other tricks (it’s not 
unusual with modern OTF fonts where large range of glyphs are expected to be 
accessed by setting font features).

Another tip: you can insert characters by [F12]>UUUU where "UUUU" is an 
unicode code point in hexadecimal.

Pierre Marchand

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