[scribus] Picas and Points

Hedley Finger hfinger at handholding.com.au
Mon Jul 28 01:12:26 CEST 2008

>>> Thanks all.  If it's not too late to say, I prefere a comma, rather 
>>> than a "p", but it's only a minor "point".
>> Comma is used as a decimal point in some locales and as a 1000 
>> separator in
>> others.
>> IMO it's a bad choice to give it the pica/point meaning.
>> /Andreas
The only place that USES picas and points is the U.S. and Brittain.  Who 
cares?  France uses Ciceros and Dideros and everywhere ells uses 
milimeters. Who cares?

The 99p99.9 format has a long tradition when layouts and type were 
marked up on the manuscript or typescript.  Usability tip: use notations 
that people already understand.  This format is also used in 
FrameMaker.   Oh, and Australians care 'cos we use commas as thousands 
separators -- and we don't use Ciceros or Dideros or even Didot (which 
is what I think you meant).  Can't you spell or are you just too lazy to 
proofread your posts?



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