[scribus] Foreign Language (Polish?)

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000 at yahoo.de
Sun Jul 27 20:49:05 CEST 2008

Hi Merv,
please respond to the mailing list, I'll get your e-mail anyway, and you
will increase your chance of getting a proper answer.

chesnim at mervandjudi.com wrote:
> However, I'm afraid your response wasn't helpful because I can't find the words you have given me.  So maybe the language 
> in my copy of Scribus isn't Polish.  Here are the words (without the diacritical symbols over the letters) I find on the menu bar, 
> beginning left to right: Scribus, Soubry, Upravy, Styl, Objekt, Vlozit, Strana, Nahled, etc.   

It's Czech, then:)
To change the GUI language to English, select Soubor/Nastaveni, and
switch the "Jazyk" list to  "English"  or "Angličtina" (depending on
what you'll see in the drop down list).

>I am assuming that they are more or 
> less similar to the menu bar in MS Word, namely: Word, File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, etc., 
> I have checked all the menus and don't find any of the words you mentioned below.  But I am unsure what you mean by the Main Menu.  
> Do you mean the second on the top menu bar, that is, File (in Word), or in the Scribus I have, Soubry? My guess is that you do.  

>In that menu the list has such words as: Novy, Novy ze Sablony, Otevrit, Otevrit Predchozi, and others.  All these words have various 
>diacritical marks over the consonants and vowels , like y, e, s, r. 
> If by Main Menu, you mean under the word Scribus on the menu bar, and under that Preferences, I am unable to get any window by 
> clicking on Preferences.  In the Scribus Online Documentation they say that the Preferences (they call it a hidden directory) is to 
> be found by following the path User/%username/.scribus.  But I have been unable to get any results with that.  
> First of all, the 
> instructions don't say where I am to type the the path.  I assume I should type it in the File (Soubor) =>Open (Otevrit).  But 
> I get no preferences window when I do.  I have searched my Mac User files and don 't see any .scribus file, either.

Wrong assumption, you shouldn't attempt to open the preferences _file_
in Scribus. As stated above: Soubor/Nastaveni, and everything will be fine.

> I hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you again for your interest in my problem.
> Merv


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