[scribus] line spacing

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins at mardigrafe.com
Sun Jul 27 13:54:02 CEST 2008

mike a écrit :
> not to change the subject, but can anyone tell me how to change the spacing between lines in scribus?  i think this used to be know as the 'letting'

Hi Mike,

"Leading" is the other word for "linespacing".

When you set the values for text in the Properties Palette > Text tab, 
it’s possible to set only one linespacing value per text frame.

For more flexibility regarding linespacing, you have to create paragraph 
stylesheet in Edit > Paragraph Styles... Scribus then allows the use of 
as many linepacing values as you want — per paragraph — in one single 
text frame, provided you have set a paragraph stylesheet for each, and 
have applied it through the Story Editor.

As you may have found already, you have 3 options for linespacing (in 
the PP and in the Paragraph Style... create dialog):

[Lock to baseline grid]

To see those options, you have to keep your mouse button clicked on the 
icon to see a well-hidden pull-down menu. [Some of us here on this list 
pray for this hidden-menu to be replaced by something more obvious for 
users!!! You may pray with us!!! :-) ]

[Auto linespacing] is based on a percentage value of the typesize you 
are using. This percentage has to be set in the Preference > Typography. 
The default is 20%. This means that for a typesize of 10 pts, you’ll get 
an auto linespacing of 12 pts. As you increase or decrease your 
typesize, the leading value will increase or decrease by this 
percentage. The auto percentage can be changed either in the Prefs (with 
no document open) and will affect all further documents or it can be 
modified at any time in the Edit > Document Settings > Typography (the 
dialogs are identical) and will affect only the current document. 
Autolinespacing is quick but remember that a change in the percentage 
will affect all the paragraph to which this type of linespacing was used.

[Fixed] is just that: fixed. You set a value for linespacing and this 
value will not change when you increase or decrease the typesize.

[Lock to baseline grid] will not care about the font size either. You 
need to go to the Preferences, in the Guides section. There at the 
bottom right you’ll see 2 fields. One is the grid itself, so the 
linespacing value, and the other is the offset, where it will start. 
This is mostly used in multicolumns documents where you want to see all 
the lines properly aligned from one column to another, especially if you 
have objects such as images that break the text flow here and there in 
your layout.



> working on a business card and there is too much space between the lines as default ...
> thanks guys
> mike

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