[scribus] Aliasing and color problems

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun Jul 20 01:57:05 CEST 2008

Fabien SK wrote:
> Dear Scribus users and developpers,
> I would like to do a photo book for an online photo lab. Since the user
> interface of this lab (photoweb.fr) is not really convenient (limited
> layout possibilities, slow web interface), I tried to do it with
> Scribus. Once it's done (in fact I have already finished), I will export
> it to jpeg images, upload it and put one jpeg per page, and then my book
> will arrive at my home.
> My book is simple: on each of the 100 pages, black blackground, one to
> four images (from my 8 megapixel camera) with a slim white frame
> As some people said before, using high-res images in Scribus is really
> very memory-consuming (my process is between 2 and 3Gb heavy!), but it's
> not my main problem for today.
> I am using version (ubuntu 8.04) on a AMD64, 2Gb of memory. I
> am also trying to use a version I compiled from the HEAD of the svn to
> get around my problems.
> So, in version, when I export my pages to images (jpeg or png),
> I get some aliasing. I cannot see it if I display the pages at their
> actual paper size on my screen, but if I display it at 100%, I can see
> it. Maybe it will be visible on the book, maybe not, but I would not
> like to take the risk (money is money).
> I could generate higher resolution images and scale them down.
> Drawbacks:
> - more manipulation could give useless loss of quality
> - uses a lot of memory and disk space
> If I export to a SVG and render it to an image (with rsvg or the gimp),
> it looks fine. Drawback:
> - I can only export one page at a time, so I would have to use my
> developer skills to do it for all the pages
> - Not user-friendly
> Then I tried with the latest SVN version. The aliasing problem was gone!
> But now, the black of the background is not black anymore. It's:
> - 0-9-14-91 (CMYK)
> - 22-20-19 (RGB)
> So if anyone could help me to solve one of these two problems, it would
> be great:
> - how to get around the aliasing in in the image export
> - how to make the black be black in 1.3.5 SVN
The whole point of Scribus is to *not* export to image files, but to 
PDF. This should be your eventual format, and you can do this in 
individual page files if you wish. Alternatively, exporting to EPS 
should work, but PDF is far preferable.


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