[scribus] Coloured Layers

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Jul 17 22:27:03 CEST 2008

Roger wrote:
>> Roger wrote:
>>> Would it be possible to have Scribus indicate which layer and level 
>>> a text box and image box is on, perhaps with a small colour swatch 
>>> to  show the layer colour, in the corner with the level number 
>>> inside and have this display switchable on or off in preferences.
>>> TIA
>>> Roger
>> We'll see what others think. I'm not a big user of layers, but they 
>> seem to make the most sense when you have certain kinds of content on 
>> a given layer, named appropriately, and you can name your frames 
>> accordingly as well.
>> You can also bring up the Layers dialog quite easily (F6) or even 
>> leave it open. Clicking the 'visible' checkbox will show/hide a given 
>> layer, so you instantly see what is on each layer.
>> So what would be gained by adding your suggestion? (other than busy 
>> work for the programmers)
>> Greg
> Yes you are right in what you say, however I have run into problems 
> by, without thinking, putting a text box on the current layer then 
> later after changing layers a few times while adding and replacing 
> other articles and images, forgetting which layer it's on, making it 
> difficult to access for alterations. (House keeping problem borne of 
> pressure to get the newsletter out.)
> The Layers dialog left visible adds another level, on an already busy 
> screen.
> I mean the minimum work load is the Scribus layout page, the F2 
> properties, the right click popup, and the editor.
> Adding yet another dialog means that it has to be moved out of the way 
> very frequently as does the F2 properties dialog - messy.
> For me it's convenient to F6 create and delete layers and leave them 
> visible at all times to avoid doubling up of work. I use the right 
> click dialog to select layers and levels and the layer pop up all the 
> time and just thought that the same colour swatches on that popup 
> could be on a small 2 px square in the bottom corner of a text or 
> image box as a convenience.
> For me, putting everything on the one layer makes for an impossible 
> selection where boxes are overlapping and I need to make alterations, 
> inevitably the wrong box gets selected and has to be moved to reveal 
> the underlying box. If a ox is locked it still is selectable and  
> prevents selecting an underlying box.
If I try to put all this together and read in between the lines, you 
want Scribus to make up for your lack of discipline, or your refusal to 
develop a discipline with your newsletter.

to wit:

F6 is a reversible operation -- press once, it appears; press again, it 
disappears. One keyboard stroke away at all times. It's really just a 
backup anyway -- probably the shortest way to locate something on a 
particular layer with the least effort.

Items can be moved from one layer to another, whenever you put them 
somewhere inadvertently.

In the end, the inconvenience of using F6, of moving things to another 
layer, should be reminding you to plan better as you make layers, as you 
make objects on a given layer. It may all be in the naming of layers, 
naming of frames where you need to focus.


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