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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Wed Jul 9 21:09:59 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 08 July 2008 11:19:34 am Christoph Schäfer wrote:

> Moreover, we're already working on the manual for Scribus 1.4.
> While there's still some uncertainty as to the release date of 1.4
> (it certainly won't be 2008), I can promise that we'll do our best
> to make available a manual for 1.4 shortly after its release (or
> perhaps the release of 1.4.1). The documentation team will
> appreciate any hints of readers of the upcoming 1.3.3.x manual as
> to what may be improved once it is released. Stay tuned for the
> announcement of the manual. We want to make sure that it's actually
> printed and available via Amazon and the likes before we do the
> announcement, but expect this to take no longer than about 2
> months.
> We're also contemplating to create a special list for early
> subscribers. Those will be able to receive the printed manual at a
> certain discount.
> Sales of the Scribus manual will help to fund the further
> development of Scribus.
> Stay tuned for updates.
> Regards
> Christoph

A well-organized paper manual with a good index is worth its weight in 
gold, and costs at least that much to create unless you have some 
generous and talented volunteers.  The problem with wikis is that you 
have to know where to look.  So those who know refer those who don't 
to the appropriate wiki article. 

The other problem with wikis is that the particular problem may not be 
addressed in the wiki. You can spend hours chasing your tail. 

Now and then a talented author will write a commercial book on the 
software (e.g., _Grokking the Gimp_).  But these become obsolete 

I am glad to hear that 1.4 will have a real manual. I am disappointed 
to hear that 1.4 itelf won't appear until 2009.  The SVN has some 
neat features.  But unstable means what it says, and since project 
files are not interchangeable between 1.3.3.x  and later versions I 
am not willing to use it in production.   

John Culleton
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