[scribus] Font bolding problem when converting to pdf

Pierre Marchand capparis at free.fr
Wed Jul 9 11:40:44 CEST 2008

Vous (John Beardmore) avez écrit :
> > 1/ By design, Scribus focuses on print output.
> Yes -  it makes sense to focus on the situation where the highest
> precision output is required, but that doesn't make it sensible to
> (needlessly ?) compromise the way lower resolution output is handled.

All is in the needlesslyness! I did not do it myself but I think it has 
_needed_ a pretty load of work to get the proper fix done. So, here I would 
not say that "by design" the output was bad on low resolution devices. Just 
that they were not targetted in something like "phase A".

> We produce a lot of reports which get printed and they look very nice.
> But for every one we print, 10 are probably downloaded and of those, we
> hope most are read on screen. Low resolution PDF rendering is therefore
> quite important -  at least to us.

I think also that it becomes a usual case and finally has to be adressed.

> > 2/ The issue is fixed in developpement branch lucky guys, hurra for
> > Franz.
> Does this mean it can never be changed or made switchable ?

I’m affraid I do not understand the question but the thing is that in latest 
developement version, OTFs are exported as Type 3 fonts and therefore treated 
as "fonts" by PDF viewers (though without hinting) and not as "graphics" 
(just think about GS which has 2 different parameters for antialiasing to 
have a hint that it means something). And I don’t see why you would like to 
come back to previous behaviour and screw up your PDFs back ;-)

Pierre Marchand

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