[scribus] Font bolding problem when converting to pdf

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Wed Jul 9 07:33:50 CEST 2008

H.Riesbeck wrote:
> Thank you to all who helped me with flowing text into subsequent text 
> frames. It works now for me.
> However, I do have a question for another problem. I want to output my 
> work as a pdf file. While the text looks good on the screen before 
> converting, after conversion letters such as ' I ' or ' l ', in other 
> words just a single vertical line, are bolded. The font I need to use is 
> Arial and it is a TrueType font.

This is a common issue. Scribus currently converts TrueType and OpenType
fonts to outlines on PDF export. This removes hinting information. As a
result, it looks fine in high resolution print but may be somewhat
blocky or misshapen on screen at low zoom levels. Adjusting your PDF
reader's vector graphics (not text) antialiasing settings may help.

As far as I know PostScript Type 1 fonts are not affected - they're
converted to true subsets.

Craig Ringer

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