[scribus] Enhance PDF/CMYK export result

mumrel mumrel at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 13:20:09 CEST 2008

Hi there,

first of all I want to thank you for the great work. I used scribus to
create a wedding newspaper, 36 pages in total.
All with free and open source software! I would not be able to create it in
the same quality without the complete toolset (GIMP, Scribus!, Fedora).

So and here comes my question:
I exported my newspaper to pdf with colors set to CMYK/printer. After
looking at the results the colors seem to have gained brightness and lost
In total they don't look as nice as in the (digital) original or if i set
the colors to screen/monitor/RGB. Ok so far no problem, since i thought
after printing it looks
the same or at least similar as on screen.
Well, but it doesn't. I printed it at a german company and the printing
result looks extremely similar to the exported CMYK-pdf and thus are a to
bright and don't have enough saturation.

In images:
http://mumpitz.bplaced.net/RGBpdf.png   (Setting: color: screen/monitor)
http://mumpitz.bplaced.net/CMYKpdf.png (Setting: color: printer)
http://mumpitz.bplaced.net/photographedprint.png photogrpahed print (!)

I am wondering if there are any options/parameters I could change/tweak to
generate different CMYK-pdf exports, since the
result is very close to the cmyk pdf. So I want to add a bit saturation and
less brightness. I am not allowed to include any color-profiles.

I am not afraid of going deep into scribus, even not adjusting some
parameters and do a recompile although an easier method is prefered :-).

Currently under Fedora 9, with scribus 1.3.4

Any help or suggestions is appreciated!

Thanks & Greetings
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