[scribus] wanting to know if I have a bug or not

John & Melonie Curwood marketing at lovinglearning.co.nz
Tue Jul 8 12:57:12 CEST 2008

hi there,

I'm new to Scribus and recently installed version on my Mac  
(OSX10.4 PPC).  The Installation was fine and it started fine when I  
loaded it up, except for one small glitch.  The top of the Scribus  
window is positioned above the top of the monitor, the same thing  
also happens to the Story editor when opened.  This Doesn't render  
Scribus unusable as I am able to use pretty much all functions - even  
on the story editor, which has the top 3/4 of it's buttons missing -  
it just really annoying as I can't reposition the windows, they are  
stuck where they are first opened.  After doing a bit of research  
around the support available, I decided to Install AquaScribus 1.3.4  
to see if the problem carried on - so I installed in parallel with for comparison, but it has exactly the same issue.  So my  
question is:  Is this a bug that is in the mac version of Scribus or  
is it an issue with OSX, and then to follow it up - is there any way  
I can get the windows to open just a bit lower so I can access the  
bar at the top and move them around the screen.


John Curwood
When you change the way you look at things...
...the thing you look at Change!

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