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Philip Rand p.rand at alice.it
Sun Jul 6 18:08:22 CEST 2008

Many thanks to you for your useful cue: there is now a handsome Scribus icon
in the Macintosh "dock" and the program seems to be doing its configuring.
I'll keep you posted.
All the best,

Philip Rand
Via Monserrato 6
00186 Roma, RM
tel fis: +39 06 6865159
segr & fax solamente (only answ & fax) 06 6873168

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> turn into an icon. There is a Scribus.exe, but that turns out to be a text
> file.

I don't know much about OS X, but the installation instruction on the
Scribus Aqua installation page explicitly says (I'm copying and pasting

"Download and unpack ScribusAqua- Move Scribus.app to some
convenient folder, eg. /Applications."


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