[scribus] House

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Sat Jul 5 02:08:26 CEST 2008


Can you help me build a house

two-story (120 square meters)

I have some ideas but I'm not putting them here

Tongue in Cheek.
Yep! sure ! but I need the full plans, land specs, building regs, and a load of 
other details.
Mine's gonna be only 20 squares which is a tad on the  small side for your needs.
But then thats also the difference between my newsletter and a Broad sheet 
Funny 'bout that .

May I suggest that amogelang study several local and regional news papers  for 
form and substance,  take all the ideas that suit what he wants to do, draw it 
out on paper as text boxes, headings, sub heads and all the other stuff, images, 
adverts, etc and then experiment with Scribus to get the design working smoothly.
Don't worry about using the correct page size, the basics work for any size, A4, 
US Letter, it doesn't matter in the start.

When you have the basics right then add some text and images  taken from local 
or regional newspapers and get the text flows right.

Wallah!  You now have a newspaper, resetting for page size and rehashing the 
layout from here in is easy as in Time Consuming, and never ending.

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