[scribus] Debian/Ubuntu packages available, Was Trouble downloading Scribus

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex at scribus.info
Fri Jul 4 02:16:14 CEST 2008

* Enzo <enzz at gmx.net> [2008-06-26 21:36:15 +0200]:

> Hi,
> seems there are much more problems with this.
> Most links, news and info pages on the official site link to the
> version
> I am also in need of the version very badly (the story editor bugs 
> makes the version almost unusable) but there are no Ubuntu packages 
> until now.
> Hardy (the actual Ubuntu) is not listed on the ftp/repository sites up to now.
> That is not a good sign. ;-(

I apologize for a longish wait - I happened to be on a different continent and
quite busy during and right after the release. However, I've just
uploaded scribus packages for Debian sid/lenny/etch and Ubuntu
hardy/gutsy/feisty to our repositories.

In few days I should have updated 1.3.5svn packages there as well.

If someone has an amd64 machine they can donate some disk space and cpu cycles
on I'd be happy to set up amd64 package builds of these packages for all six
supported distro branches as well.



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