[scribus] Text overflow and text boxes

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Fri Jul 4 01:38:43 CEST 2008

It indicates text overflow and is an issue we haven't tracked down yet. Can
> you please submit a bug on bugs.scribus.net with the file attached?
in 1.3.5
I have found 3 things so far that cause this .
1. extra <enter's> line breaks after the last sentence.
The last word or full stop should not have a line break after it in the Story

If the fault persists I simply delete the last line  in the Story Editor  and
retype with no line break at the end.

2. line spacing.
With one line or word, no matter which font or point height I use,  the default
15 pt line spacing is very annoying.
This default is not reflected in the text box until it is altered in
For headings and titles, I have to change every new single word or single line
text box to 1 pt line spacing in order to shrink the text box vertically.
Also, the font size and line gap size  - up down arrows in properties><text
default to 2 pt or more spacing increments per mouse click.

3. No correlation between story editor and <properties><text> dialog.
Line spacing, font and font size are not the same if set up in a story editor
then recalled to be altered on the fly in <properties><text>.
<properties><text> has difficulty changing these if they are set in the story
editor and vice versa.
To get around this I use a standard 9pt bitstream charter font in story editor
then do all the changes in properties but this sometimes requires a double click
on the text box and highlighting the text line or word - then again sometimes not.

On another matter.
If I shrink a text box vertically to just under the bottom of the font,
regardless of font used, the text disappears.
It requires significant clearance under the text, messy if <Show Frames> is on
and makes text box selection very difficult if there are 2 or more text boxes
close together.

My apologies for posting this reply inappropriately, a new posting to scribus
list didn't work yesterday.

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