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Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 20:40:45 +0200
From: Philip Rand <p.rand at alice.it>
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Subject: viva Scribus

You asked for comments:
My subscription has revealed a world of very dedicated and good people.
Unfortunately, I cannot solve a basic problem: that of installing Scribus on
a Macintosh Intel iPRO portable, OX Leopard. The sole reply was encouraging,
but, unfortunately, Scribus did not leave startup icon that the reply
suggested would appear. 
I begin to think that Scribus won't work for me, which I regret, because I
like the whole idea of the program.
I'll forge ahead for a while then, if desperation prevails, will
Many thanks,

Philip Rand
Via Monserrato 6
00186 Roma, RM
tel fis: +39 06 6865159
segr & fax solamente (only answ & fax) 06 6873168

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