[scribus] Regarding Scribus 1.3.4

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Tue Jul 1 12:27:30 CEST 2008

> * Has development of 1.3.4 ceased?
> * What are the plans for releasing 1.3.5 ?
> * Why have all mentions of 1.3.4 ceased? I mean that, there was a news
> release on May 28 2007 and that was it. Frankly, I like that release
> better and it has been better for me overall than 1.3.3.X releases.

So, John has his answer via IRC, but for the rest of the listeners
1.3.4 ceased last year in May - ie , thats when it was released. We decided
to not fix bugs and release a etc and just work on 1.3.5.
1.3.5svn is therefore, the continuation.. itll be released ASAP, once the
roadmap bugs are done (see bugs.scribus.net for the roadmap). When that will
be, I don't know. 2 or 3 months at a guess...? Could be more depending on
people's available time.


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