[Scribus] MySQL / Python connection script question; attn: subik

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jan 31 13:37:37 CET 2008

Andy Graybeal wrote:
> I have mysql installed; I can login to it and put content into the db by
> hand, for the example, i've named the db 'scribe' and added a few tables
> with not much data.
> I've edited the 'username', 'password', 'server', and 'db' field in the
> python example script... I realize that I should run the script within
> Scribus... but I'm a little lost on the details of any thing further than
> this.
If you can interact with mysql outside of Scribus, then there should be 
no problem from within Scribus.
Sounds like you're ready to roll up your pantlegs and wade in....


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