[Scribus] Scribus proofs and editor's articles

Roger hovergo
Wed Jan 30 12:52:37 CET 2008

But my main consideration is to proof-reading workflow. The articles
come from different editors, but the head-editor should streamline style
elements and grammar. This includes also the use of simple formatting
like italic or type of parentheses.

Is Scribus capable of synchronizing the contained text of a document to
a commonly readible file-format (like rtf)? I mean: once text is
imported into a scribus-document, can it still easily be
exported/imported for offline editing in MS Word?

I can answer from my newsletter point of view because we work on articles 
broadly as you have described.
I get articles in word. openoffice, plain text, etc, modify then return them to 
contributors for appraisal before rge final draft.
Mean while I work on the updated article to get the design and layout right 
before the final returns for inclusion, there is very little change to final 
inclusions done this way.

may I suggest articles for Scribus plain text rather than rtf, word or any other 
II find that if text is presented in a predefined layout it is time consuming to 
I do all the formatting in Scribus, including line spacing, indents, caps and so on.

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