[Scribus] Is scribus good for me?

Vic Mortelmans vic_mortelmans
Wed Jan 30 16:06:24 CET 2008


I'm considering to use Scribus for some project, but wonder if it's the 
good solution.

This is the project:
- approx. 100 pages book consisting of different articles
- mostly text-oriented, very little graphic elements
- no fancy layout needed: it's a 'serious' publication

But my main consideration is to proof-reading workflow. The articles 
come from different editors, but the head-editor should streamline style 
elements and grammar. This includes also the use of simple formatting 
like italic or type of parentheses.

Is Scribus capable of synchronizing the contained text of a document to 
a commonly readible file-format (like rtf)? I mean: once text is 
imported into a scribus-document, can it still easily be 
exported/imported for offline editing in MS Word?


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