[Scribus] Usability needs attention -- time for a feature moratorium?

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Jan 28 18:46:33 CET 2008

John Beardmore wrote:

>> I don't know about that ... I've found InDesign CS 3 is pretty solid for 
>> general tasks.
> Perhaps.  We stopped upgrading InDesign at v1.5 when they tried to get 
> us to buy into CS.  And having steered us towards InDesign, they then 
> released Pagemaker 7 anyway.  We also heard reports that users of 
> InDesign 2 had problems importing our InDesign 1.5 documents which 
> wasn't exactly encouraging.
Those file format issues seem to be pretty universal in DTP apps 

For example, QuarkXPress 7 at work just crahes when a user imports a 
Quark 4 document and tries to substitute fonts. This is after three 
bugfix point releases. To work around the issue, users have to import 
without substitution, copy & paste the doc contents into a new document, 
and then use the usage dialog to apply the font substitutions. This 
means you can't provide a predefined substitution map as part of an SOE 
so font remapping just works.

I've never been impressed with the import capabilities of InDesign 
either, especially importing Quirk 4 files. Then again, at least that's 
a "foreign" format.

In any case, I think I'm getting a bit OT for [scribus].

Craig Ringer

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