[Scribus] Usability needs attention -- time for a feature moratorium?

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Sun Jan 27 09:58:20 CET 2008

Craig Ringer schrieb:
> Hedley Finger wrote:
>> For example, you cannot copy from the layout and paste into the 
>> Scrapbook but must right-drag.  (When was the first Macintosh released?)
> I found this one odd myself. Normal left D&D would also make sense, but 
> right-drag is a very unusual UI action.
In 1.3.5 you can now do it with the usual left drag. Select the object
you want to drag, then hover the mouse cursor over the object and press
the left button. Don't move, just wait some secs and the cursor will
change to the drag cursor, now you can drag the object.

Franz Schmid

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