[Scribus] Usability needs attention -- time for a feature moratorium?

Hedley Finger hfinger
Sun Jan 27 08:25:51 CET 2008

As a complete newcomer to Scribus, my expectations from working on 
Macintosh (OS 9 for 6 years, OS X for 3), Windows, HP-UX with Motif, 
Sun OpenLook, etc. with PageMaker, Illustrator, FrameMaker (three 
platforms), various word processors, vector graphics apps, etc. are 
frequently not met.  I am amazed how often seemingly commonplace 
actions break with well-established precedents.

For example, you cannot copy from the layout and paste into the 
Scrapbook but must right-drag.  (When was the first Macintosh released?)

If you do something in a palette or dialogue which changes an object, 
you would think that Ctrl-z would restore the previous state but more 
often than not, the key event is not trapped by the palette/dialogue 
with focus but goes through to the layout/canvas/window where it 
undoes some OTHER state.  I keep getting this all the time and am 
beginning to think that Scribus is a secret cult where you have to 
remember what you can do or not do in various contexts in order to be 
accepted into the brotherhood.  Sadly, it will be a long time before 
this novice becomes and acolyte!

The serious point I am trying to make is that perhaps it is time for 
a moratorium on feature building for a point release or two while 
usability issues are addressed, especially implementing orthogonality 
across objects and controls.

Are there any other rank newbies who want to tell of their 

(It is the end of a long and tiring day ...)


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