[Scribus] Colour slabs striate when exported

Roger hovergo
Sat Jan 26 18:56:00 CET 2008

I have problems with slabs of varied colours striating when exported to pdf..
For example
a colour panel contains horizontal c,m,y,k variations from

42,0,7,0  a light blue
59,0,44,0  aquamarine / sea green blue
0,10,40,0  sand/gold/yellow
So that the top of the slab is blue and the bottom sand/yellow.

The transition of the light blue to aquamarine has green horizontal stripes
The aquamarine has green and white horizontal stripes and the sand/ yellow
transition has green stripes.
I have had this striation problem from version through to and
now in .3.10

I would like very much to use variated color slabs with and without transparency
and put the newsletter on the web but not until I can get this smoothed and

This was exported to pdf 1.3 but exporting to 1.4 and 1.5 does not fix the
problem, just makes the file bigger.


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