[Scribus] a bit off-topic: Tool to add notes to PDFs??

Philipp Wagner lists
Tue Jan 15 02:02:03 CET 2008

Michael Higgins schrieb:
> On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:41:06 +0100
> Philipp Wagner <lists at philipp-wagner.com> wrote:
>> Craig Ringer schrieb:
>>> flaco wrote:
>>>> Hej Guys!
>>>> Does anyone out there know a easy-to-use cross-platform tool that
>>>> allows to put annotations into an existing PDF-document?
>>> I think annotation support was added to KPdf for KDE 4. That might
>>> be a pretty big thing to get installed just for PDF annotations,
>>> though.
>> They added annotation support (btw, okular, the new kpdf, is really
>> fast!), but these annotations are not PDF annotations, but saved to a
>> separate XML file (.kde4/share/apps/okular/docdata).
>> Well, there seems to be no solution (which was the result of my
>> previous search, too), perhaps I'll find some time to look into
>> okular and podofo and get them to work together ... Should not be
>> impossible at least.
> PDF::API2::Annotation, 2.001.
> Have you checked this perl module? It should be easy-to-use, if you are
> reasonably familiar with perl and pdf.

Well, the documentation of this module is more than terrible (to be
exact, there is almost no documentation), but apart from that, it seems
to work quite nice.
I was able to write a small perl program adding annotations at a given
location of a document. See
for the code.
Okular (kpdf for kde 4) displays the annotation buttons, but does not
display the text. It works fine with Acrobat Reader though. Even though
this Perl library is quite nice, it has some missing features in this
area (e.g. I didn't find a way of setting the author of the note, which
should be possible as far as I know). If I have a bit more time on my
handy I'll try using podofo to get this working.


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