[Scribus] Many Versions = 2

Eric Watson wasnotrice
Sun Jan 13 20:01:16 CET 2008

On Jan 9, 2008, at 2:49 PM, Martin Costabel wrote:

> Thorsten Z?rner wrote:
> [
>>> imac:~ eric$  /sw/Applications/Scribus.app/Contents/MacOS/Scribus
>>> dyld: Symbol not found:
>>> __ZN12QApplication14macEventFilterEP25OpaqueEventHandlerCallRefP14OpaqueEventRef
>>>  Referenced from: /sw/Applications/Scribus.app/Contents/MacOS/ 
>>> Scribus
>>>  Expected in: dynamic lookup
> This symbol should be found in /sw/lib/qt3mac/lib/libqt-mt.3.dylib  
> which
> is loaded at runtime by Scribus. Why this isn't the case for you I
> cannot guess without further looking at your configuration.
> You can verify with the command
> otool -L /sw/Applications/Scribus.app/Contents/MacOS/Scribus
> whether that dylib is indeed on the list of libraries loaded at  
> runtime.

Martin, Thanks for your help. I'm sure this is the problem. The otool  
command gives me

/opt/local/lib/libqt-mt.3.dylib (compatibility version 3.3.0, current  
version 3.3.8)

so it's trying to load the macports version of the library.
> And with
> nm /sw/lib/qt3mac/lib/libqt-mt.3.dylib |grep OpaqueEventHandlerCallRef
> you can check whether the symbol in question is really defined in that
> library (does it have a "T" in front of it?).

And this variable _is_ defined in the fink library, but _is not_  
defined in the macports library.

> If Fink's scribus- and scribus-aqua- did not work  
> for me
> on at least two machines with MaxOSX 10.4 and MacOSX 10.5, they would
> not be available from Fink, as they have been since yesterday.

Of course, and this is clearly my own configuration problem. I will  
have to investigate. My hunch is that the macports qt3 libraries were  
installed for the macports scribus I installed recently.

> Problems with undefined symbols at runtime are often caused by too  
> many
> different versions of the same libraries installed from different
> sources, which disturbs the compilation, because at runtime different
> versions may be found than at compile time.

Again, perfect diagnosis. When I get this resolved, I'll post  
something about the conflict to the Installing on OS X page on the  
wiki, in case this trips anyone else up.

Thanks again!


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