[Scribus] Memory problems when document contains many large pictures

Richard eyelagui
Sat Jan 12 17:32:59 CET 2008

El 12/01/2008 08:28 a.m., Stefan Forster escribi?:
> With 2GB of memory, you will experience the problems when you have 
> more than about 300 images.
> When your camera would have 20 Megapixel you would already have problems.
> I only have 500MB memory + 3GB swap space on a linux laptop.
> I also can work with documents up to about 30 pages (16 pages already 
> take 12 minutes to load!).
> But in the end my picture-book should have 500 images and 160 pages.
> So I had to break it up and concat the different PDF's (with Adobe 
> Acrobat).
> It will probably not be possible to produce this even on your machine 
> - at least not with "professional" speed.
Hi, can you please give a full hardware/software detail on wich PC are 
you running scribus?

I'm using it on an:
AMD Athlon (Barton) 3000+ (2200MHz)
1Gb PC3200 400MHz DDR-SDRAM (2x512Mb Kingston ValueRAM)
80Gb SATA Hard Drive
MSI KT6 mainboard (MS-6712)
Generic Nvidia 6600GT AGP8x 256Mb Video Card.

You can see i have not a current generation computer.

Please, note that something as simple as using a different motherboard 
on MY system can make it go in a performance loss of 60% (that is a 3 to 
1 relation)
I'm a Hardware specialist and i can assure (ensure?) you that 
performance difference between motherboards can go as far as 6 to 1 loss 
(or even worst).

I am currently using Scribus as fast as and making 
16 pages (8 to 16 pictures/page) catalogs wich open in less than 1 minute.
I?m using pictures in png format (as i couldn't use transparency from 
.gif imgs), several svg imported logos, text frames, picture frames 
modifyed for text surrounding pictures and i can't see a real 
performance issue yet.

See that 500Mb RAM is not a correct memory ammount, you may be using 504 
or 496 mb, wich tells me you are using an 8 or 16Mb onboard videocard, 
wich lets you on a very old computer and 8/16Mb is far less that needed 
for managing images the size you are, perhaps an M805/810/825/840 
Pcchips mainboard (or similar) with an athlon or duron CPU or equivalent 
mainboard for PIV. Maybe a PIII ?..

Can you please give that detail?...

> Stefan
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