[Scribus] Did you forget to include locales?

Plinnell mrdocs
Fri Jan 11 22:31:34 CET 2008

On Friday 11 January 2008 11:30:14 Axel Bojer wrote:
> Jean Ghali wrote:
> > avox wrote:
> >> What distro are you using? Do you build with CMake or configure? I'm
> >> pretty
> >> sure the CMake build installs the qm files at the right location.
> >
> > Arghh!!! the CMakeLists.txt installs qm files at the right location, but
> > if you look at Makefile.am in the qm directory, this one has not been
> > updated to use the new translations directory :S
> Some further questions then :-)
> * I suppose I will have to buil again to make this work, because the
> only place I find this file is in the build directory. But perhaps:
> * Can this be corrected manually, f.i. by just changing one line manually?
> * diff /root/scribus-
> /root/scribus-
> gives that they are identical. Do you mean both, then?
> * Do this affect also thos who has build with ./configure and make?
> Will a new and corrected package be there soon?
> Would be nice to have my own language back :-P
> Best regards
> Axel Bojer

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the troubles with this. A stupid oversight. Simply, we on the dev 
team are so happy with cmake we use it ourselves all the time and did not see 
this as we use En pretty much all the time. 

So, for an immediate fix, use cmake to install. Instructions here:

So, tonight I will put up a tarball and will announce here as soon as 
its ready.


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