[Scribus] Many Versions = 2

Eric Watson wasnotrice
Tue Jan 8 01:46:00 CET 2008

On Jan 7, 2008, at 12:20 PM, Martin Costabel wrote:

> Eric Watson wrote:
> []
>> for getting started. For OS X, the fink worked great for me
>> under Tiger, but doesn't work in Leopard (last I checked). I'd be
>> interested in helping with fink/macports versions as well.
> What's wrong with the Fink version on Leopard? I am sure it can be  
> fixed
> quickly.

After I upgraded, fink scribus-aqua no longer worked, so I uninstalled  
and tried to re-install:

imac:~ eric$ fink install scribus-aqua
Information about 6227 packages read in 1 seconds.

fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual  
dependency. The

(1)	ghostscript: Interpreter for PostScript and PDF
(2)	ghostscript-esp: Enhanced GNU Ghostscript with better CJK and  
printer support
(3)	ghostscript6: Interpreter for PostScript and PDF, v6.01

Pick one: [1] 1
Can't resolve dependency "system-xfree86-dev (>= 2:7.2-1)" for package
"fontconfig2-dev-2.4.1-5" (no matching packages/versions found)
Exiting with failure.

It sounds like it's a fink package availability problem, but the  
scribus-aqua package worked great for me on Tiger. When I list my  
installed fink packages, I can see that my version of system-xfree86- 
dev is lower than the install wants.

imac:~ eric$ fink list -i
Information about 6227 packages read in 9 seconds.
  i   system-xfree86          2:1.3-2           [placeholder for user  
installed x11]
  i   system-xfree86-dev      2:1.3-2           [placeholder for user  
installed x11 development tools]
  i   system-xfree86-manu...  2:1.3-2           Manually installed X11  
  i   system-xfree86-shlibs   2:1.3-2           [placeholder for user  
installed x11 shared libraries]

After I upgraded and my scribus-aqua (and GIMP and Inkscape) didn't  
work, I started fiddling with things, and installed some updated X11  
libraries from Ben Byer. Did I maybe mess something up from the fink  
perspective? I do notice now that there is a new Apple-distributed  
version of X11 for Leopard. I'll have to try that out, too.



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