[Scribus] Problem attaching text to a long path

Ryan Grace ryan
Fri Jan 4 19:42:27 CET 2008


I'm using and am having trouble attaching text to a long path.  

I have drawn a rectangular shape using the shape tool.  The rectangle is about 26" high and 16" wide.  I have a long paragraph of text in a text frame without line breaks.  When I attach the text to the rectangle only the top short (16") side of the rectangle  shows text.  The  other 3 sides do not show any text attached.

However, if I edit the rectangle using the node tools (I think that's what they're called) and add nodes in a few places on the long 26" sides of the rectangle, text flows around to the longer sides.

So it seems there is a problem in Scribus with attaching text to a long path.

The adding nodes workaround would be ok, but every place I have added a node letters in the text overlap each other and become unreadable.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Can anyone think of another solution?



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