[Scribus] Comment about object tag names and xml file format

avox avox
Thu Feb 28 19:44:27 CET 2008

Craig Ringer wrote:
> avox wrote:
>> Hi Tim!
>> As Craig already pointed out, SVG 1.2 print would be a minimum to support
>> Scribus's color functions. In fact I've looked into the usability of SVG
>> for
>> Scribus myself, but there are some problems, see below. It's also very
>> unlikely any application but Scribus could open such a file.
> Thanks for going over the discussion Andreas. Personally I think there's 
> a lot of value in using existing formats where appropriate, but I'm 
> still not convinced SVG is appropriate. Possible, I'm sure, but 
> practical and flexible enough (without extending it into 
> not-svg-anymore) ... who knows. 

My idea was to use SVG foreign-objects for textframes and maybe imageframes.
You can add a compatible alternative to those for other applications.
PDF has something called "piece-info" which you can attach to any PDF
but those are just as application specific.

> I do think it'd be wise to consider 
> borrowing heavily from SVG where it is appropriate, though, or even 
> using namespaces and embedding SVG content where appropriate. For the 
> overall document, though, I do wonder if an ODF (but not ODT) derived 
> format dedicated to DTP might be worth investigating.
> By the way, any thoughts on why Tim might be encountering SVG exported 
> from Scribus 1.3.5 as a wrapper around a raster image?

Haven't touched that part of the code, but it might be due to color
or blending modes. Some stuff can't be done in SVG (or wont be understood by
any available SVG viewer), so it's safer to render it by Scribus.
Franz or Jean might know more.

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