[Scribus] Comment about object tag names and xml file format

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Feb 27 04:10:14 CET 2008

Tim Boyden wrote:
> I've done some work with SVG and you can apply RGB or Hex color values
> for elements so I don't think the 8-bit color is an issue anymore if it
> ever was. Basically any color you can apply in Illustrator, InDesign or
> Photoshop can be applied to an SVG graphic by looking up the Hex code in
> the color palette.

Yes, but can you specify:

CMYK(18,4,11,25) ?

How about ICC based colour spaces? Say the colour AdobeRGB(13,13,13) ?

As far as I know that's only beginning to be supported through SVG Print
1.2, which few (no?) SVG viewers and editors support.

> I think the font issues are probably related to the coding of the
> Scribus SVG export feature. As long as the font file is available to the
> SVG file, any glyph within that font should be available to display in
> the SVG file.

Correct, glyph selection isn't a big deal. It's more about glyph
*positioning*. The folks who worked on the SVG exporter can tell you
more than I can.

As for the conversion to image, I know literally nothing about that.
Maybe whoever made that change can tell you why and what's going on. I
agree that it does not sound very useful and might as well not be SVG,
but it's possible it only does this for certain documents if it cannot
for some reason guarantee accurate native SVG reproduction. I don't
know, so we'll have to wait until somebody who does can tell us both more.

> Being able to modify a document dynamically via a web form for variable
> data purposes or as a web to print solution would be extremely useful,
> something Adobe charges a lot of dough for to be able to do with
> InDesign documents with their InDesign server product. With SVG, every
> element could be a clickable element in a web page, that when clicked
> could pop-up a window that allows you to change the text, or text style
> or swap the graphic for another from a graphic library. Very powerful
> stuff!

I strongly suggest you investigate Inkscape, then, as it's a dedicated
SVG editor that's going to be a much better match for your needs than
Scribus ever can or will be.

Note that Inkscape only supports 8-bit RGB, though I think Carl Worth is
working on SVG Print 1.2 support for other colour spaces and types.

Craig Ringer

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