[Scribus] Problem knowing how to print a 3 fold leaflet

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Tue Feb 26 10:47:59 CET 2008

2008/2/26, Peter Nermander <peter.nermander at abc.se>:
> > No, the feature as is it is not flexible.
> Because it is not complete. It is just the first step.


This is exactly what I say.

The feature is not complete. Period. The feature misses something important
as I explained earlier. That's it.

I think it has been expressed clearly enough now, has it?

I suggest we concentrate, from now, on how to formulate the tooltip that
would help users understand the limits of this feature. A tooltip that will
make Scribus more usable and less frustrating when used to accomplish, like
in this instance, a simple leaflet, which, after all, is a pretty common
piece of work.

My first draft is as follow:

"Warning: Scribus cannot yet print pages side-by-side, also known as
"spreads". Scribus prints/export only single pages, which is ok in most
cases. If your layout needs to be printed/exported as a larger, single,
page, made of 2, 3 or 4 pages put side by side, please use the Single page
option instead to create your document (use the guides to help you in your
design) or be prepared to use another software to assemble your pages
downstream. A good example for which we suggest to use the Single page
option is the very common letter-size (or A3) 3-fold leaflet."

It might be too verbose (in fact, it sure is). There are good souls around
that could probably gather the spirit of this and put it in a shorter way.

I also question the naming of the options. I find that "3-fold" and "4-fold"
too strongly and too clearly lead people to think that these are the options
they should pick to layout a 3-panel leaflet, pamphlet, 3-fold... Z or U
fold... which is not the case. "Display 3-page spread" and "Display 4-page
spread" better express, in my view, what the feature is or allows to do.

Any better suggestions?

Oh! It might be good to hand out templates of a leaflet, one for each of the
most common folds, Z and U, in both Letter and A3 format. I thought of doing
one but never find the time... But I realise I put much time at feeding this
thread and I could have used this time to layout such a template...


It sounds as if you don't remember (or never read) the discussions that
> lead to feature. Before this feature was present Scribus could NOT diplay
> pages side by side at all. All pages were above or below eachother.

Then someone requested to be able to show pages side by side, and the
> discussion continued with that in some cases you want page 1 to be a left
> hand page, and in other cases you want it to be a right hand page. And it
> continued even further, with someone saying that in some cases you want
> for example first two pages side by side, and below that you want four
> pages side by side (with the middle two aligning with the first two pages)
> and then below that you want three pages side by side (empty place below
> the first of the four pages above).
> I'll try to illustrate, numbers are pages, _ is blank spaces:
> _12_
> 3456
> _789
> (Ok, I don't remember if that was exactly the example used in the
> discussion, but it was something similar, with several different looking
> rows.)

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