[Scribus] Problem knowing how to print a 3 fold leaflet

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Sat Feb 23 15:08:12 CET 2008

2008/2/23, Peter Nermander <peter.nermander at abc.se>:
> > You are right, it is confusing. The idea beneath is great though: give
> the
> > user control over each panel by allowing them to layout separate pages.
> > But
> > the feature in its actual form is not ready for work, imo. We need to be
> > able to print spreads directly from within the application.
> You are forgetting that a lot of people use Scribus for professional work,
> where they send the produced PDF to a professional printer who handles the
> imposition.

Well, I am a professionnal printer. :)

When printing on an offset press or similar the printed sheet size in any
> case will ba a lot larger than the folder size, so the imposition must put
> several folders onto the same sheet which is the cut into smaller parts
> which are folded.

If someone hand me a 3-fold pamphlet letter size and wants me to print
50.000 copies of it on a larger press, I will not be happy to receive this
work in 6 parts (3 pages for the front, 3 pages for the back), and then
reassemble it *before* actually imposing it 8 up to print on a larger sheet.

I expect this customer to send me, say, a 2 page document, front/back that I
will impose like a breeze.

Now, I don't say we would not be able to handle such a job. We sure would.
Trust me, we receive all kind of jobs everyday, made with so many softwares,
in all kinds of sizes... we're pretty used to deal with most everything. But
this is extra work we can avoid.

What you are saying is only valid for people printing on "office printers"
> and similar.

What I suggest is not to use this feature unless you really have all the
means to control your production, end to end. Otherwise, be prepared for
some extra work at one end or the other.

The workaround is not painful, as I mentionned earlier. Quite the opposite,
in fact. It has all the advantages the 3 and 4 folds are supposed to have:
you can print on an office printer (provided the paper size can be handled
by that printer...) or hand your final PDF to a commercial printer.



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